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The ultimate smart home security

Easy to set up and to use. The SCIIGI smart alarm systems keep your home safe.

Control via an App

The SCIIGI mobile app provides you control over your home security system from anywhere.

Wirelss & Pet-Friendly

No hardwiring is needed. Motion detectors can be set to ignore pets up to 25kg.

DIY Installation

Choose how you want to install your SCIIGI alarm system. DIY setup within 30 minutes.

A security control room in your pocket

Packed with Smart features, the SCIIGI app lets you customize and control your smart alarm system from anywhere.

  • Real-time Notifications
  • Activity Alerts
  • Geolocation Reminders

SCIIGI can communicate with your favorite smart home assistant

Create arrival and exit automations or lights and speakers with the satisfaction of knowing it’s all built on a secure smart alarm system.

Ready to help when you need it

You can access our support articles anytime or if you need a help you can contact our local customer support team

A wireless burglar alarm and smart home security system

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