Smoke Sensor

Smoke detectors are the leading lifesaving device in home fire safety. Most fatal home fires occur at night while people are asleep. Smoke detectors can alert sleeping residents before they become fire victims. By installing and maintaining smoke detectors in your home you can minimize damage. In case of fire event, your central alarm hub will notify you via the sciigi app.

Our smoke sensor:

  • Use new generation Maze

  • Provide self-test option

  • Comes with inbuilt 85DB high resolution alarm

  • Integrate with alarm system

We are working to conform to European Standards BS EN14064 (certification pending). This means they’ve been designed to guaranteed working in the case of fire events and accepted by insurance companies.

It senses the smoke concentration through an optical Maze and temperature change to determine whether a fire has occurred before triggering alarm via indicator light and high-decibel buzzer.

Smart smoke alarm to prevent fire from early stage

New generation of high sensitivity labyrinth

It adopts a new generation of high-perception maze and pyramidal embossed design. Smoke entering index in 16 directions is consistent, which further improves all-round sensitivity.

With intelligent double-identification algorithm, sensor will start alarm when smoke concentration exceeds the threshold or the temperature exceeds 65°C

Intelligent double-identification Algorithm

Anti-tamper design

With off-wall anti-tamper design, it will alarm immediately under unauthorized dismount

It can transmit information quickly and alert surroundings.

85db high resolution alarm

Minimize damage with smoke sensor

Get notified when fire broke out in the home and minimize damage. Use our contact sensors and motion sensors for complete protection.They integrate with other sciigi security products to protect your property, whether you are in or out.

You can connect emergency services from sciigi app for a quick intervention.

Our contact sensor's features:

  • 5 years battery life

  • Anti-tamper technology

  • Smoke and Temperature monitoring