Contact Sensor

We are working to conform to Grade 2 European Standards EN50131 (certification pending). This means they’ve been designed to minimize false alarms.

It judges the opening and closing status of doors and windows by attracting the reed switch by a magnet.

Monitor status of doors and windows

Professional anti demolition design

With anti-tamper design, it will alarm on illegal dismount and guard your home safety.

Protect your home with contact sensors

Keep an eye on any entry point to your home with a window or door sensor alarm. They work seamlessly with other sciigi security products to protect your property, whether you are in or out. Use our contact sensors with our motion sensors for optimal protection.

You can connect emergency services from sciigi app for a quick intervention.

Our contact sensor's features:

  • 3 years battery life

  • Anti-tamper technology

  • Long-range connectivity