PIR Motion Sensor

Movement sensors are the watchmen of your home. From the corners of rooms, they scan for burglars by detecting changes in infrared heat. They’re pivotal to a successful home security system.

A PIR sensor uses two sensors in conjunction to detect motion in a room. Each individual sensor houses a pair of pyroelectric sensors. When there’s a change between the two sensors they jump into action. They have been made to detect body heat. If movement is detected, your central alarm hub will notify you via the sciigi app.

Our motion sensor:

  • Use latest spherical lens Quaternary sensor

  • Use pulse counting technology

  • Can be calibrated to disregard pets under 25kg

  • Initiate self-tests for faults

  • Have sealed lenses to stop insects causing false alarms

  • Have freely adjustment of angle

We are working to conform to Grade 2 European Standards EN50131 (certification pending). This means they’ve been designed to minimize false alarms.

It captures the infrared light emitted by human body through the new Fresnel Lens and pyroelectric sensor to judge whether someone is moving.

Accurate recognition of human movement in the area

New generation Fresnel Lens technology

With new generation Fresnel Lens, the monitor frequency of Security Zone has increased 3.4 times higher. At the same sensitivity, the lens area of each optical unit is reduced by 10%, which makes the product compact and beautiful while ensuring sensitivity.

Quaternary IR detector is more accurate

Imported advanced quaternary pyroelectric sensor and intelligent temperature compensation algorithm.

360° degree Freely detection

It’s detection angle can be adjusted freely by 360°.

People come with light up and go with light off

With the PIR motion sensor at entryway or in room, the light will be automatically on when people get up in the night, then the light will be off after 10 minutes with nobody walking.

Exquisite and light, unlimited use

It has compact appearance and unlimited use locations, can be installed on bedside, TV cabinet, wall, etc.

Motion Sensors protect every room

Use our wireless PIR motion sensors with our door & window contact sensors for optimal protection. Every sciigi security product is designed to offer an additional layer of security and they work best when you get the whole system. They make up part of all of our home security bundles.

You can connect emergency services from sciigi app for a quick intervention.

Our motion sensor's features:

  • 3 years battery life

  • Anti-tamper technology

  • Long-range connectivity