Different layers of alarm activation

Customize alarm settings and create a real sense of security in your home.

Full Arming
Partial Arming
Activity Alerts
Pet Friendly

Your fast and easy ‘I’m going out, protect everywhere’ setting.

Create custom arming presets e.g. arm all of ‘downstairs’ or only specific doors and windows.

Create personal alerts and get notified of any activity or inactivity while your alarm is disarmed.

Make your pet invisible. Our sensors can accurately ignore pets up to 25kg.

Arm and disarm on the go

Fly out the door with a quick swipe of your key fob. Ask your smart speaker to ‘Arm the alarm’. Or go old school and use your PIN. And if you forget? Do it via the app.

Monitor every room whether you’re in the office, the pub or a beach on the other side of the world. Without the need for cameras inside your home.

Feeling safer is all in hand

Do not forget
Silence your alarm from the app
100% ready

Forget about forgetting. Enable geolocation reminders and if someone linked to your account forgets to arm the alarm when they leave they’ll receive a handy reminder.

Swipe off when you know it’s a false alarm. There’s no faster way to say everything’s OK.

You’ll know everything’s working because the whole system self-tests and checks for faults and battery levels constantly. Boundary looks after itself as well as you.

See who disarmed the alarm and at what time. Check whether your child is home from school, or if a tradesperson or cleaner turned up on time.

Police response

Direct police response drastically reduces the time an intruder is likely to spend in your home to less than 4 minutes. Knowing sciigi could green light the blue lights is a powerful deterrent.

If sensor activation indicate break-ins and alarm is triggered, you or your nominee is notified by app, call, or sms, so immediate police response can be requested.

Extra sense of security

Nightly reminders
Panic button
Activity alerts
Guest access

Sensors detect when the house is going quiet and it might be close to bedtime. Nightly reminders give you the option to Night Set with one quick tap.

If you fear there’s an intruder, slide the panic button in the app and the siren will go off. Close to a hundred decibels is sure to send trouble running.

Create personal alerts and get notified of any activity or inactivity detected in your home while your alarm is disarmed.

Give friends, family members temporary access and activate/deactivate this permission any time you want in seconds.

Seamlessly integrates into your smart home

sciigi integrates with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings smart speakers as well as 1000s of other smart devices around your home using IFTTT (If This, Then That). Arming and disarming your system is a great trigger for routines. Have fun finding new and useful ways to automate your home.

Clever routines

Why not create a routine that automatically turns the hall lights on when the front door is opened? Or one using smart plugs to switch hair tongs off when someone arms the alarm?

Add a dog barking

Scare intruders with a dog barking noise on your Sonos speakers if the alarm goes off.