Tips to stop burglars targeting your home

1/1/20253 min read

To give complete peace of mind we’ve compiled a list of 8 things you should be doing to keep those would-be thieves at bay…

Whether you’ve been a victim of burglary or not, it’s natural to wonder how burglars do it. How do they choose a day of the week, time of day or even the house itself… Thinking about these factors allows us to counter them by installing deterrents or changing our behaviour.

This is all the more apt with the mid-term break fast approaching. Many families will be preparing for a week away from home.

To help make sure you’ve made your home burglar-proof we’ve listed eight ways to make sure thieves don’t target your property:

1. Schedule your smart light

If you are gearing up for a holiday and want to deter burglars by giving the impression that you are at home, we would recommend investing in smart lights and smart plugs. They are a much more eco-friendly alternative to keeping a light on permanently as they schedule your lights to come on and off at specific times during the day.

2. Lock up tight

A burglar doesn’t want to spend a long time fiddling around with locks. The longer they’re on the street trying to get in, the more likely they are to raise suspicions. Deadlocks on all external doors and window locks will make it so difficult for the burglars that they probably won’t even try.

3. Intruder alarm

Perhaps the most obvious way to keep your home safe and let’s face it, nothing scares off an intruder faster than a blaring alarm siren. Should you find yourself a target for thieves, our smart intruder alarm will notify you straight away with a text. Depending on your subscription, an alarm-receiving centre that will immediately phone you, your nominated key-holders and summon the police should someone break-in.

4. CCTV camera

Useful for businesses as well as homes, a CCTV camera is a tried-and-tested solution for deterring thieves, or, if the worst should happen, helping to identify them. Exciting plans are afoot here at sciigi to integrate with other smart home cameras using the most up-to-date camera technology to protect homes.

5. Motion-activated security lights

Picture the scene. A burglar is creeping across your lawn. All of a sudden they are blinded by a bright accusatory light. Their plan has been foiled. Motion-activated security lights are a great addition to your home security strategy as they’re quick and preventative. And it’s not just outdoor lights. Here at Boundary, we are looking to integrate with leading smart lights so that your lights turn on as soon as the alarm is triggered. When everyone’s tucked up in bed, light is a simple but effective means of keeping your home safe.

6. Canine alarms

Burglars want to slip in and out of your property as quickly and quietly as possible and a barking dog can really upset this plan. They may not be able to send you a text if someone manages to get in but as a deterrent, these canine alarm systems can be as off-putting for a burglar as they are for the postman.

7. Secure the perimeter

Ever scaled a fence carrying a bag full of phones, computers and jewellery? Neither have we. But we can imagine that most burglars like an easy escape route. Anything that’s likely to slow down departure with their bounty will put them off entering in the first place. If your property is nestled behind a large fence or a gate secures your driveway then a burglar may just decide to keep on walking.

8. Out of sight, out of (a burglar’s) mind

If your shiny new plasma is clearly visible behind open curtains or your car keys are dangling innocently from a hook beside the front door then you may find yourself a target. Keep all valuables out of sight, or better yet keep them locked in a safe. This includes passports and sensitive documents – these days personal details can be even more valuable to burglars than personal items!