When Do Most Burglaries Occur?

1/1/20255 min read

Burglary is no doubt one of the most frustrating and upsetting experiences anyone can go through.

The effect of burglary does not only entail the financial cost of replacing the stolen items or repairing any damages around your home. But it can also have a huge impact on your emotional well being because the house you once thought was safe doesn’t feel like it anymore. As experts in home security systems, we understand all of these problems and want to lend our expertise to help you avoid getting burgled in the first place.

According to recent data, more than 1.2 million burglaries took place in EU and almost 268,000 burglaries in England and Wales in 2020/2021.

people sitting on ground while forming round during daytime
people sitting on ground while forming round during daytime

What time of the year do most burglaries take place?

Public and school holidays are an excellent opportunity to go away with your family or visit friends and family. Unfortunately, these are the times when burglars are likely to strike.

This is because many houses are vacant, making it perfect, especially for those burglars who do all they can to avoid making contact with the home occupants.

One of these, in particular, is worth mentioning: Bonfire Night. The loud explosions from the fireworks and the newly darker evenings act as a perfect cover for most burglars to break into homes even when the occupants are inside.

What’s more, since many are heading outside watching the fireworks display, burglars have ample opportunity to sneak into your home.

Going into October and November there’s usually around a 15% increase in burglaries. With the nights getting darker it’s a popular time for homes to be hit.

Christmas is typically a time when there’s an increase in home burglaries in the UK. Electrical items, jewellery and car keys are top items stolen, and they’re often found under the tree, a burglar doesn’t even have to go looking for them.

Many homes are also empty during this festive season with people out shopping, attending social events, or taking that well-deserved break. Giving burglars ample opportunity to break in mostly without even being noticed.

What time of day do most burglaries happen?

As you might expect, most home burglaries occur between 6pm to 6am. This is when most of us are in bed or out for the night, and burglars can sneak in under cover of darkness. Over 60% of burglaries happen during this period.

The numbers in the daytime are higher than you might expect. Burglars also take advantage of empty homes when people are at work or school.

What makes your home attractive to burglars?

Some people find it hard to imagine being robbed, so they don’t put much effort into protecting their homes against being burgled. Traditionally, installing a wired alarm was quite a commitment, with high cost being a major deterrent, alongside their awkwardness to use. With a wireless alarm system, like sciigi’s, this simply isn’t the case. They’re quick to install and affordable, so protecting your home has become significantly easier. Let’s take a look at what may make your house appealing to burglars.

No visible alarm siren on your home

The first thing a thief will look for around your home when they break in is whether you have an alarm system.

Having an intruder alarm siren acts as your “watchdog” that scares the burglar away. Here are a few other benefits of setting an alarm system in your home.

No visible security sensors inside your home

It’s not just a visible external siren that deters intruders. When we researched modus operandi's of burglars, to conclude home security tips they look into windows to check whether there were motion sensors before breaking in.

Unlocked doors and windows

Forgetting to close a door or window on your way out is easily done. Especially windows. Either is an open invitation to a burglar. Burglars usually look around the house for any possible open entryway to gain access into your home.

It is essential to ensure all your windows and garage doors are closed before locking the main door on your way out.

Lack of security lighting

Another factor that tends to make a home vulnerable to burglars is the lack of outdoor security lights. Apart from making your home aesthetically pleasing, installing outdoor lights is a great way of keeping burglars at bay.

For starters, they illuminate all the dark corners around your home where burglars are likely to hide. Having security lights gives you a sense of security walking outside at night.

No perimeter wall, fence or hedge

Creating a barrier around your perimeter is one of the key things you can do to prevent burglary.

Perimeter walls prevent intruders from peeping inside your house or setting foot in your property. Many burglars are discouraged by the mere sight of a security wall.

Police and insurers advise that fences and walls should be repaired whenever they are broken and that if you’re considering hedging, you should consider thorny varieties to make it even more off putting for burglars.

Some burglars watch the homes they want to target before executing their planned burglary. While a wall, hedge or fence won’t completely prevent this, it can make it more difficult for them.

Leaving empty packaging visible in your bin

It’s not something we put much thought into, but it can make our homes a target for burglars.

Placing the box from your new TV or expensive gaming set on top of your bin outside is a way to advertise to potential burglars that you have these items in your home.

Before taking your rubbish out, try to tear up the cardboard or dispose of it carefully elsewhere, so you don’t tip off burglars that you have something valuable in your house. It may sound like a lot of work, but it might protect you from the upset and stress of being burgled.

Posting pictures of your holiday online

Many of us love posting pictures of our holidays on our social media platforms. While it feels good to receive all those likes and comments, there may be someone with not-so-good intentions, such as burglars watching you.

Keep your social media profiles private, or better still, wait until you get home before sharing your best holiday snaps online.

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